About This Project

This is Louie all set and waiting for some keen cobbers to help with the build of the heated benches inside the boat. The cob bench then slowly releases the heat keeping the room warm while the stove is not burning. The idea of heating a bench or bed is a very old one. In China a heated living space and bed is called a kang and dates back to 5,000 BC.

A rocket stove can easily push hot gas up to 40 feet (12m) of pipes, storing heat in the interior walls, floor or seating.

Before making the cob bed, we laid out the stove pipe and propped it up on pieces of urbanite and brick, and then leveled it. The pipe is made from carboard tubes that will be burnt off leaving a ceramic tunnel for the heat to travel along. We started adding rubble (pieces of urbanite, brick, stone, and old cob) to the bottom of the bed, underneath the pipe. We wanted to add as much filler as possible to avoid having to make that much extra cob.

We used a ratio of three buckets of sand to two clay, with a slightly lighter amount of straw. (Sand provides the heat storage capacity of the mass, versus the clay which binds the material together.) This sitting area could probably seat about ten or twelve people and provide an excellent work shop space.



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