About This Project

After many moons of dismantling pallets, it’s that exciting time of getting everyone involved in covering the boat with the lovely aesthetic of multiple grains and colours that pallet wood offers! On many days we enlisted the help of local homeless gents to help us as we saw them admiring from the towpath and offered them a reasonable wage and food for the day plus a friendly face to talk to.

The wood used for pallets is a by-product of the timber used in the construction of houses and furniture. The best wood is reserved for these items and the humble pallet is made from the off-cuts.

The best thing about wood is it’s flexibility. You make a mistake, and that mistake often becomes a solution. All the pallets used in the build were waste from local depots and found dumped in the streets.

Here you can see, with the many hands of helpers we’ve had the progression of the roof covering with a skylight opening up the internal space.



Say hello and come aboard.