About This Project

On another warm Summer’s weekend, but this time opposite the beautiful Victoria Park, the Gaia Gallery hosted Meadow Forge Blacksmiths. They taught the principles of Rocket Stove making and also treated us to banana pancakes. A rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple combustion chamber containing a vertical chimney, which ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface.

A rocket stove achieves efficient combustion of the fuel at a high temperature by ensuring a good air draft into the fire, controlled use of fuel, complete combustion of volatiles, and efficient use of the resultant heat

This was a two day event, attended by 15 keen volunteers, that saw the prefabricated stove (built off-site), insulated with Cob and given a test fire. The future plan for this stove is to create a heated bench along the length of the boat. So as well as providing a cooking surface on the boat it also keeps us warm on Winter projects.



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